You are tasked with the tremendous responsibility to drive results through others. But you know this “just doesn’t happen” by itself. You have to create an environment that allows people to grow and take some amount of risk without sinking the ship.

Create an Organization of High Achievers

The question always comes back to “How do you create an organization of high achievers—leaders at all levels—where people are creative and taking responsibility for profitability and revenue growth while growing people and being competitive in a market that is constantly driving your business toward commoditization?”
As your partner, I will work with the leaders throughout your organization to create a leadership engine—a factory of high achievers, if you prefer–and transform the way you conduct business.

Leaders at All Levels

Your people are the X-Factor, the difference makers to your organization and your customers. When you create leaders at all levels, the engine begins firing on all cylinders, and the momentum builds. The magnetic force of momentum pulls everyone forward to achieve the goals aligned with the vision.

Who is Joe Murphy

As a former senior executive who has worked in the Fortune 50 and Fortune 1000 with operations in Europe, India, and North America, Joe Murphy can relate to the everyday pressures of meeting P&L objectives. His experience in performing turnarounds, rebuilding sales organizations, working directly with clients, and running one of the most significant leadership programs during the Pandemic places him in a unique position to help executives and managers like you and your team.
Joe Murphy establishes clear objectives and long-term client partnerships and guarantees his work unconditionally.

Joe Murphy is the author of four books and speaks on these topics regularly. He runs The Leadership Academy, an online series of leadership and management sessions using practical experience as his guide in creating future leaders and leaders who want to take their skills to the next level.