Are Your Employees Engaged? Are Your People Excited? Or Have They Quietly Quit?

We build high-performing teams by getting people engaged. Our approach is unique and motivating. We teach practical leadership skills in short 90-minute sessions on-line or face-to-face. We solve quiet quitting problem and drive performance.


CrossXcurrent – Creating That X-Factor

Your people are the X-Factor. They can make the organization run smoothly or, well you know what I am going to say next.

Leadership is a way of behaving. Customers crave it. High achievers live it.

Leaders at all levels is about people working together toward a common vision or goal, all rowing together, helping each other, and achieving excellence and having fun while producing superior results.

Our Expertise

How I Can Help You


Facilitated Leadership Sessions: For the past four years and over 200 sessions with 250 attendees online and face-to-face people come away reenergized and motivated. For more information click the link here.
Strategic Sales Sessions: Creating high-value client relationships is a leadership mindset. Creating lifelong clients is one critical goal of these sessions.


Executive Coaching: If you’re an entrepreneur or executive, you want to take your leadership skills to the next level. We will develop a plan to achieve your objectives and change your life.

Working With Executive Teams: Sometimes teams get sideways. They need someone to bring them together by establishing a common objective. 


Presentations and Keynotes: Whether it’s a kick-off meeting with 50 employees in an auditorium or using a delivery platform like Zoom to address 500, you want to make an impact and inspire your people.


Customized Sessions:

Together we will design the talk to align your people to your strategic objectives and come away motivated.



About Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy can relate to the everyday pressures of meeting P&L objectives. As a former senior executive who has worked in the Fortune 50 and 1000, he has experience in turnarounds, building a sales engine, and working with CHROs to create a client-centric culture.

Joe Murphy is the author of four books and speaks on leadership,
achievement, and growth mindset topics regularly. He runs one of the most significant online leadership programs that have served over 12,000 attendees across the world who want to take their skills to the next level.

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