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This website was designed by Joe Murphy for colleagues, clients and visitors who want to advance their skills in leadership, business and IT consulting, consultative selling, customer service and personal marketing. 

You will find a wide range of tools and practical approaches for  professionals. The material provided is for you and your team to use - free.  I have placed what has worked. The material is based on reality and not theory. 

There are several basic principles behind this site:

1. Think long-term with your client relationships;
2. Everything you do should be aimed at helping clients;
3. Be loyal to your company, your manager and colleagues;
4. Be willing to give more than you get;
5. Always be positive; find out what's right not what's wrong;
6. Assume others are doing the best they can;
7. Don't assume everyone thinks like you - explain and listen;
8. Not everyone is going to accept you so get over it;
9. Work hard at making yourself more valuable to your boss;
10. Study your craft daily - become an expert in your field;

                Good Luck and Thanks!    Joe Murphy

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The critical issues involved in offshore outsourcing explained to business executives in this Redcoat Pubishers executive magazine as explained by Joe Murphy

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Here is a great book to read whether you are in IT, consulting, sales, or in management.  A lot has been said about how "we all need to network".  But few have given us real, practical advice on how to network. This book, "Never Eat Alone" is just that book. Read about it in this report I have provided many of my clients.

NEVER EAT ALONE - PDF Download Synopsis

Okay. I realize this may not belong on a business website. But sometimes we distinguish ourselves by doing what is right and not what is popular.

My brother is one such person. He graduated  from Columbia Medical School. He put himself through school with the help of loans and our mother raising us to be self-reliant, independent and responsible (by the way, another hero who raised five children by herself...refusing to go on welfare, holding two jobs, one typing labels every night from midnight to 3AM and then going to another job at 8AM to raise four hungry boys and a daughter.) That in itself is a another story.

So back to Dr. Michael Murphy. Dr. Murphy performed general surgery residency training and fellowship at Harvard, receiving the distinguished Chair, performed work at Columbia Medical School, Duke University and UCLA. In addition to being a surgeon he is considered one of the top leaders and researchers in the area of stem cell research.

After 9/11, Dr. Murphy volunteered to join the Army Reserves.  He hoped to go to Afghanistan, but he was needed in Iraq and sent over right before Fallujah was taken. His only request; more running shoes because he had to stand almost 72 hours straight in order to perform surgery and he went through three pairs of sneakers in the first 24 hours because the shoes were soaked with blood. 

Al Frankin visited the hospital where Mike was and he was so impressed he came back saying nothing negative. Al Franken saw both reservists and regular Army, people who have volunteered to leave their private practices, husbands and wives and children to do something noble and save lives.  Franken's only comment was; "How come the people back home don't know that you all have volunteered and how come we don't hear that you are treating Iraqi civilians with the same professional treatment as our soldiers?"  The reply that he understood was; "Because the insurrgents would kill the families of the people if they heard we were treating them."

Here is Dr. Michael Patrick Murphy who did what I only thought of doing after 9/11. 

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